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Every year, 24 young people take on the challenge of imagining the future together, across borders, away from preconceived ideas and cherished beliefs. Inspired by the work of artist Koen Vanmechelen and the environment of LABIOMISTA, they think out new perspectives and ideas. Their sounding board: a transdisciplinary group of renowned artists and scientists and an inspiring Pythia. Together, they build the library of the future.

In July 2023, we kicked off the third chapter of The Unthinkable Experiment: Chapter Movement. Join us in imagining the future. 

  • Who? 24 young people, ages 18 to 28 

  • Language? main language English

  • Where? LABIOMISTA in Genk, with a 24h excursion in Brussels (BE)

  • When? 8 days in July and 1 day in October. Participants commit to take part in all sessions



Participants chose one of the following options: June 30 - July 2, July 3-5 OR July 6-8 

We started small. On three separate occasions, three groups of 8 young people immersed themselves in LABIOMISTA. To think and dream about the meaning of movement. In the freedom of art, in the encounter with the other.

For three days they worked in LaMouseion's three knowledge boxes and slept on the artist's farm. Three days of dialogue, discovery and imagination, new insights, reflections and impressions. They came together as a group to claim their own identity. The results were stored in drawings, text, images and video and were be presented to a transdisciplinary team of renowned artists and scientists.

Ideations participants

Cross fertilisation 

July 9-11 (transdisciplinary team & participants)

From 9 to 11 July, a transdisciplinary team came together at LABIOMISTA consisting of internationally recognised artists and scientists. Starting from the creations of the participants they were challenged to think critically about the present and the future, to reframe their own ideas and to seek new combinations, in words and images. Artist Koen Vanmechelen linked the insights of each group to a work of art. On July 11, the transdisciplinary team and participants came together to exchange insights and ideas, to listen, to learn, to reflect, to interpret and to connect. 

Exchange transdisciplinary team


July 11-12 (inspiration tour Brussels)

The encounters and discussions with the transdisciplinary team were followed by a 24h discovery, fertilisation and connection tour through Brussels. On the program was a lecture, Yoga session, a guided tour around Brussels by Olaf Winkler and a taste of the night life during ‘Brussel danst.’ Through unexpected encounters, "movement" returned in different forms and meanings, from the perspective of science, culture, and society.

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Co-creation & vernissage

July 12-15

The 4-day co-creation session took place in the sanctum of Koen Vanmechelen's artist studio. In this phase, participants consolidated and translated new insights and knowledge into various media and communication forms. Additional inspiration came from evening sessions on art, film, neighborhood engagement, etc. Filmmaker Stijn Coninx invited Belgian filmmakers Olivia Rochette and Gerard-Jan Claes to join the conversation. 

The Co-creation session ended with a private vernissage in which participants presented and tested their (new) knowledge, ideas, creations and projects to the Unthinkable Experiment alumni, neighbourhood partners and a network of friends and family.

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Evaluation and activation

October 8

The pen is ultimately in the hand of the new generations. Instead of a thesis, participants create a premises. A first attempt to define new ground rules, systems and basic values for a better society. A chapter for the library of the future (The Library of Collected Knowledge).

On October 8 2023, participants, partners, transdisciplinary team, and alumni of the previous editions gathered back together for one day at LABIOMISTA. During a festive moment, they discussed their experience and engaged for action.

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Pythia Élodie Ouédraogo

The Pythia of chapter Movement is Élodie Ouédraogo, sprinter and Olympic gold medalist and creative and co-founder of the activewear fashionlabel Unrun4254.

"For me, movement was for a long time inextricably and solely linked to sport. As an elite athlete, I learned to perfect movement, because every detail counts to achieve a certain performance. To run that one race in which everything is perfect. Very repetitive, almost maniacal, I was into movement. For me, movement was linked to pushing limits, to pain, to winning or losing. Today, movement is still at the centre. No longer to achieve great sports performances, but for the mental strength I gain from it. Whereas that mental resilience used to support movement, today I use movement to stimulate the mind. Movement serves to brood, to think, to seek and push my creative limit. I am therefore very curious about the participants' interpretation."

Transdisciplinary team