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July 2022: feedback transdisciplinary team

During three wonderful days in July 2022, the Transdisciplinary Team (TT) delved into the participants' thought exercises and reflections on generosity. They read and discussed the contributions of the three participating groups. In this edition of The Unthinkable Experiment (TUE),  the very interesting and creative thinking, as well as the actions undertaken by the three participating groups, seriously challenged the transdisciplinary team (TT). Reading and exploring their work even challenged the members of the TT to question themselves and the experiment existentially. Exceptional work, as this is ultimately the objective of TUE: young people give academics, artists, social thinkers, scientists, civil society, ... food for thought, by questioning things, by posing propositions, by provoking them where necessary or useful, by breaking the rules and exploring the boundaries, always with respect for the other.

The aim of the transdisciplinary team was to discover, to remember and to cherish. But also to question, learn, translate, connect, reflect and pass on. In a 'voluntary' three-day quarantine, they formulated together an answer to the ideas and questions the young people presented to them. Their feedback was captured in text and video. As part of the transdisciplinary team, Koen Vanmechelen linked each theme to a work of art, as a tool for reflection and regrouping and as a source of inspiration for this next step

For an overview of the discussions and ideas that the submissions triggered in the transdisciplinary team, please read the consolidated feedback letter. This document is an analysis of the input, based on the contributions received from each of the five reflection groups. 

For different group feedback in text and video, follow the links below.

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