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Follow in the footsteps of Archimedes and Euclides, and help build our library for the new world, a cabinet of curiosities, a wunderkammer, the library of the future. Of your future. LABIOMISTA, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) are looking for 20 young inquisitive people, ages 18 to 28, who are keen to explore the meaning of Generosity. Come propelled by your dreams and together with others think about the future of the now in which we live. Come think the Unthinkable.

Dive into LaMouseion’s three knowledge boxes. Think outside the box, while being in the fertile zone between wilderness and civilisation. Inspired by the untamed environment of LABIOMISTA. We are curious about your insights and reflections, which are essential to build a future where generosity takes on a new meaning.


The program takes place in summer of 2022 and is divided into 3 sessions. Participants are expected to join all three sessions.

  • Session 1. Three days in Genk: July 2022 (Different options)
    •  1 - 4 July
    •  4 - 6 July
    •  8 - 10 July
  • Session 2. Four days in Genk: 20 - 24 July 2022
  • Session 3. Closing session in Brussels: 17 September 2022


We are looking for 20 young inquisitive people, ages 18 to 28, who are keen to explore the meaning of Generosity. The groups will be diverse and unexpected, starting from the applications of the young people.

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Chapter Generosity comes together through a process of ideation, feedback, creation and presentation.  Participants are expected to take part in person and stay overnight during the first two sessions. We set up camp at artist Koen Vanmechelen's farm in Oudsbergen. Over the course of the program, participants  come together to develop a 'premisses' for Generosity. A first attempt to define new rules, systems and basic values for a better society. A chapter for the library of the future, their future.

Session 1: Ideation

On three separate occasions in July, we invite three groups of five to seven young people each to immerse themselves for three days in LABIOMISTA. To come think and dream about the meaning of generosity. In the freedom of art, in the encounter with the other. Inspired by the environment and the Library of Collected Knowledge, you will take on the challenge, together with others, of imagining the meaning and future of generosity. The results may be stored in any medium (text, video, audio, drawings, etc.) and will be passed on to a transdisciplinary team of artists and scientists.

Cross polination by transdisciplinary team

The transdisciplinary team of experts will work with your ideas. Biologists, artists, philosophers, historians, sociologists, dancers, poets, economists, ... 10 experts from various disciplines learn from your dreams and thinking, and supplement them with personal and diverse insights, reflections and sources of knowledge. Their goal is to discover, to remember and to cherish. But also to question, to learn, to translate, to connect, to reflect and to pass on. Together, they will formulate a response to your ideas and questions, in the shape of an open library of conversations, reflections, and knowledge sources.

Session 2: Creation 

In the second session you will come together with all other participants at LABIOMISTA. During four days you will have exclusive access to The Battery, the studio and workplace of artist Koen Vanmechelen. Here you will get to work with the inputs and reflections of the knowledge makers. You discuss, select and integrate the knowledge and insights that you consider relevant. Members of the transdisciplinary team will visit you during these four days for conversation, connection, and questioning. We will organize moments of encounter and inspiration. Together, you will create a new narrative. a story that will outline how we can coexist tomorrow. 

Session 3: Presentations

On September 17, 2022, the Unthinkable Experiment (participants, partners and the transdisciplinary team) will reunite in Brussels. During a meaningful event in Brussels, you will present your work to your friends and family, to the academic and cultural communities of Brussels and to the alumni of the previous edition. With this, you open the doors and windows for the next group, and help future-proof The Unthinkable Experiment

Transdisciplinary Team

Keep an eye on this page as we announce new members of the transdisciplinary team

Location and accommodation 

We will work at LABIOMISTA. The ideation sessions will take place in the Knowledge boxes of LaMouseion. For the creation sessions, you receive exclusive access to The Battery, the studio and workplace of artist Koen Vanmechelen and his team. The artist farm is our camping location. 

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