Nato A Venezia, 54th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale

Venice, (I)
04 juni - 27 november 2011

Central to “Nato a Venezia” is the open university of diversity, an open study center for the exploration of biological and cultural diversity. In a biological and intellectual breeding center, including an incubator where the active breeding of the Biennale Chicken the 15th generation of the Cosmopolitan Chicken crossbreeding project – Mechelse Fayoumi – takes place, live research on cultural and biological diversity will be made accessible to the visitor for the entire period of the 54th Venice Biennale. Topping the intervention off by a live-stream “reality show” of the parent chickens of the Biennale Chicken, Koen Vanmechelen has turned the Palazzo Loredan into an art laboratory, into a contemporary manifestation on the borderline of art and science.

For the duration of the Venetian Art Show the old, dignified library on Campo S. Stefano is filled again with life. The interdisciplinary project “Open University of Diversity” adds a momentum to the historic site that is committed to this space dedicated to science and research while conveying the utopia of man's unison with nature in the broadest sense and creating a new approach to art. The starting point of this artistic intervention is a happy event: Nato a Venezia.