Biennial of Poznan - Events Horizon

01 oktober - 12 december 2020

7 Mediations Biennale Polska 2020 - Events Horizon brings together artists seeking new means of expression and interdisciplinary activities between art, science and technology.


Science and technology, but also art continually verify knowledge and lead consciousness beyond the horizon of our events, in simultaneous realities, into the multidimensionality of the universe, discovering dark matter, quantum entanglement, primary numbers or the fifth fundamental force. Art explores an image whose creation becomes an irreversible fact, even more intriguing when it remains beyond the horizon of interpretation. It seems then to be an expression of a certain logos, an element of unnoticed reality. The uncovered microscopic fragment of the virus allows complete reconstruction of its geometric form. The image, on the other hand, signals the appearance of another, possible structure, but does not explain it.

         Dsc. Tomasz Wendland

DECODE - Koen Vanmechelen

In Vanmechelen’s DECODE video, people representing the different countries that make up the diversity of the Cosmopolitan Chicken Project, read aloud the series of letters and numbers composing a book. This Book of Genomes present the unique DNA of the Cosmopolitan Chicken.

A chicken genome contains more than a billion nucleotides, composed of the four letters of the DNA alphabet. Lined up in a specific order, they make up a sort of code. For each of the chickens studied in the Cosmopolitan Chicken Project, the DNA sequence was compared to the scientific standard and genetic diversity was marked when the DNA sequence of the chickens differed.

The letters in the book indicate every place where the genetic makeup differs from the reference chicken genome considered as standard, while the numeral indicate the number of DNA basis that are identical to those of the standard reference genome.

With each successive generation, the markers of diversity have increased. Through 20 years of crossing, Vanmechelen’s project has accumulated the most diverse datapool of the chicken genome.


Otwarcie Wystawy Głównej / Opening of the Main Event

01.10.2020 19.00 h - Events Horizon - Varso Place Warszawa

01.10.2020 19.00 h – Events Horizon, Varso Place – Warszawa

02.10.2020 19.00 h – Events Horizon, Cukry Praga – Warszawa

11.08 – 30.10.2020 – Re-Creation – Mosina

10.10.2020 19.00 h – Informare, Opera – Szczecin

15.10.2020 19.00 h – Time Dilation – Łódź

16.10.2020 19.00 h – Events Horizon Bialorus, Propaganda Gallery – Warszawa

24.10.2020 19.00 h – Space of the Center – Otwarta Papiernia – Jelenia Góra

30.11.2020 19.00 h – Virtual Space, Sala Otwarta ASP, Rondo Sztuki ASP – Katowice

06.11 – 12.12.2020 – Listening Horizon – Poznań

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Lecture - Thursday Gathering

Koen Vanmechelen is also invited to speak at the Thursday Gathering on the 1st of OCT, which gathers international technology and business enthusiasts from Warsaw area.

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