A soundtrack for the fascinating oeuvre of artist Koen Vanmechelen

"Wild Gene," a 70min documentary by Joris Gijsen on Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen, gives a remarkable insight into the studio practice of one of the most prominent Belgian artists of the last decade. The documentary premiered in 2019, and Belgian composer Poltrock was solicited to create the original music for the movie. Poltrock now makes the album Wild Gene available on Spotify, Deezer, Bandcamp, Tidal, and Apple Music by popular demand.

 As for Vanmechelen, Poltrock is known for his work's multi-disciplinary nature, characterized by the use of different recording techniques, instruments, and styles. For Wild Gene, Poltrock used 18th and 19th-century tools and his inevitably prepared piano and Mellotron. Contemporary digital and analog synthesizers and samplers have been used to create compositions inspired by Bach's chorales, Brian Eno's ambient, and Einstürzende Neubauten's organic industrial percussion.

 The documentary Wild Gene premiered in 2019 on Belgian national television and was nominated for FIFA Festival Internationale du Film sur l'Art in Montreal, BAFF Brussels Art Film Festival, and appeared on the long list of 'De Ensors 2020'. Filmmaker Joris Gijsen based his beautiful portrait of the fascinating Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen of following the artist on his travels and expeditions around the globe for six years.

Wild Gene is now also internationally available for viewing on Vimeo on demand.

The soundtrack is released on different online platforms.