Legitimacy, appropriateness, transparency

In accordance with the law, personal data are processed in an appropriate and careful manner.

Basics and target orientation

The city ensures that personal data are collected and processed for specific, explicitly described and justified purposes. Personal data are only processed on a fair basis.

Data minimalisation

The city only processes those personal data which are necessary for the predetermined purpose, and strives for minimal data processing.

Storage period

Personal data are not stored any longer than is necessary. The storage of personal data may be necessary to properly perform administrative tasks or to comply with legal obligations.

Integrity and confidentiality

The city handles all personal data with care and confidentiality. The city also ensures that personal data are appropriately protected.

Sharing with third parties

In the case of cooperation with external parties in which processing of personal data is involved, the city sets requirements that the data exchange must meet.


In order to achieve the purpose for which the personal data are being used, the infringement on the privacy of the person concerned is limited as much as possible.


The infringement on the subject's interests may not be disproportionate relative to the purpose to be served.

Rights of data subjects

The city recognises the rights of the data subjects pertaining to their personal data, i.e. the right to:

  • Access the data
  • Improve, remove or limit the data
  • Transfer the data
  • Object to processing the data
  • Withdraw permission for (further) processing of the data.

Responsibility for data processing lies with the city of Genk, Dieplaan 1, 3600 GENK. Contact: or via the general phone number 089 65 36 00.

The data processing officer can be reached via or via the general telephone number 089 65 36 00.

You can also lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority.