2 (DIMENSION)3, Guy Pieters Gallery

Knokke (BE)
12 October - 06 December 2019

This fall, Guy Pieters Gallery presents recent paintings by Koen Vanmechelen in Knokke.

Paintings are not merely two-dimensional objects. Their content and the insight they inspire make them three-dimensional. The title refers to that membrane of meaning that covers a painting. The mathematical formula reveals that the work provides a deeper insight through understanding. The number two also refers to a double perspective, that of the artist and that of the viewer. Combined and understood, this creates a new space that reveals itself.

13 OCT - DEC, 2019
Albertplein 15
B-8300 Knokke-Heist
+32 50 61 28 00

Every day from 10.00 AM till 6.00 PM
Closed on Tuesday



Despite his expression of unbounded imaginative impulses, Vanmechelen manages to retain a sense of balance between order and chaos in his paintings. His rigorous black outlines form a bold contrast to the more scattered and disordered areas of colour. A freedom from naturalistic representation is extended from the artist to the viewer, whose eye and mind is free to wander over the sensuous rhythms of line, form and colour. With an open mind they can look into these paintings to discover for themselves allusions and communications, perceptual subtleties and mental nuances. As if charged with the force of nature, Vanmechelen’s paintings can communicate vigour and vitality to the viewer’s receptive heart and mind.

Curator James Putnam