Protected Paradise

Black Stork Baby © Koen Vanmechelen, photo by Boumediene

In the backmost area of the park, Protected Paradise, nature rules. A vast plain of 12 hectares, bordering the water. Surrounded by forests, by tranquility. A transition zone also to our pride, the Hoge Kempen National Park (NPHK), a unique and vast nature reserve of 12.000 ha.

Protected Paradise is also a temporary shelter to the Black Stork. They are proud, shy birds. Their elegance and call make them seducers of the old forests, marshes and wetlands.
These black storks were born in captivity and have landed in LABIOMISTA after a guided trip through Europe. Here, they will be part of a rewilding project, in collaboration with NPHK and UHasselt Field Research. LABIOMISTA thus hopes to become the location from where the young black storks can regain full freedom, start their annual migration and roam in search of new wetlands and lush forests.