Koen Vanmechelen needs your help in creating an artwork

For the creation of the artwork 'DECODE', Studio Koen Vanmechelen is looking for different nationalities to participate in a video. We are currently only still looking for a native speaker from Iceland that wants to read aloud from the Book of Genomes. The artwork will be on show at Vanmechelens solo exhibition at the Brihatta Art Foundation in Bangladesh later this year.

We are looking for the following nationality

  • Iceland

Practical details

A 10 min video recording in the artist studio in Genk (LABIOMISTA)

Reading out loud a part of a DNA code

Interested in participating? Or know anybody that might be, send us an email via info@koenvanmechelen.be

More information about the artwork

Research suggests that genetic diversification positively impacts health, vitality, and life expectancy. With the project Planetary Community Chicken (PCC), artist Koen Vanmechelen explores the markers of diversity that make for strong breeds of chickens.

The chicken genome contains more than a billion nucleotides, composed of the four letters of the DNA alphabet. Lined up in a specific order, they make up a sort of code. For each of the chickens studied in the project, the DNA sequence was compared to the scientific standard and genetic diversity was marked when the DNA sequence of the chickens differed.

With each successive generation, the markers of diversity have increased. Through 20 years of crossing, Vanmechelen's project has accumulated the most diverse datapool of the chicken genome. In the Book of Genome – PCC, the DNA information of the Planetary Community Chicken is presented. In the accompanying DECODE – PCC video, people representing the different countries that make up the diversity of the PCC project read aloud the series of letters and numbers composing the book.