Amazing Wonders


Educational package for secondary schools (1st and 2nd grade)

Explore together what art can do, and should do. Can art contribute to how we understand and shape the world? Via their own senses, pupils will discover Koen Vanmechelen’s universe. They’ll look and reflect, feel and hear. This will give them an insight into the artistic process. And they will learn to keep in mind that they, too, are part of the world as it evolves.

On this interactive tour through the 24-hectare park, topics are discussed using a variety of formats, including group work and group conversations, individual reflections, observations and interpretations.

Uncomfortable © Koen Vanmechelen

Topics & educational objectives

Citizenship and identity, cultural expression and art, sustainability.

Practical information

  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Price: €8 per pupil (supervision included)
  • Languages: tour available in Dutch, French and English
  • Number: maximum 25 pupils

Supervised by an educational ‘cross-pollinator’. These are interactive tours, mainly in the open air, in a green environment.

Information & booking