Day of Cosmogolem - Figure of Speech

28 May 2023

On 28 May, LABIOMISTA celebrates the power of children and young people with the ‘Day of the Cosmogolem’ – an international children’s rights celebration now in its 6th edition. Central is the Cosmogolem, the work of art that Koen Vanmechelen uses to generate support for children’s rights in local communities the world over. This edition’s main theme is ‘Figure of Speech’ (in Dutch: ‘Beeldspraak’). Its main question: What can images tell us?

Figure of Speech

The statues of Easter Island are not the only images that speak. The Cosmogolem, a figure by artist Koen Vanmechelen, also shoots off his big mouth on the Day of the Cosmogolem. He invites you to the children’s rights celebration.

On Sunday 28 May, LABIOMISTA is all about ‘Figure of Speech’. Because figures, statues, images: these are also means of communication. And they have a lot to tell us.

That day, LABIOMISTA will be buzzing with voices. All statues in the park will have something to say. Each will speak its own private language. Some will be very talkative, others will need all your encouragement to speak. So, keep your eyes – and especially your ears – wide open!



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*Programme is in Dutch, but we welcome all nationalities and languages during Day of Cosmogolem



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