Chapter Freedom

Follow in the footsteps of Archimedes and Euclides, and help build our library for the new world, a cabinet of curiosities, a wunderkammer, the library of  the future. Of your future.

Together, LABIOMISTA, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and 30 inquisitive young people, ages 17 to 27 explore the meaning of freedom.

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  • Who?: 30 young people between 17 and 27 years old

  • When?: 3 days in Genk in July (various options between July 12th and August 1st); 7 days in Genk in September (13-19 Sept.); and 2 days in Brussels in October (22-23 Oct.)

  • Where? LABIOMISTA, Genk and Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Etterbeek (BE)

  • Language? English, Dutch or French

  • Registration?: Participation is free

During Chapter Freedom of the Unthinkable Experiment, you, together with 29 other young people, are invited to think about the future. Dive into LaMouseion's three knowledge boxes. Come think outside the box, while being in the fertile zone between wilderness and civilization. Inspired by the untamed environment of LABIOMISTA. In the freedom of the arts. Empowered by the encounter with others.


July 2021: A quarantine of freedom

On five separate occasions in July, we invite five groups of six young people each to immerse themselves for three days in LABIOMISTA, in order to think and dream about the meaning of freedom. In the freedom of the arts, in the encounter with one another. 

Inspired by your surroundings and by the Library of Collected Knowledge, you will take up the challenge to imagine the meaning and the future of freedom. You can record the results in any type of medium (text, video, audio, drawings, …) Each participant will also be asked to keep a (video) diary at the end of each day, chronicling personal impressions. The diaries, creations and ideations will be presented to a transdisciplinary team of artists and scientists in August 2021.

August 2021: Cross-pollination by a transdisciplinary team (without the participants)

A transdisciplinary team of knowledge makers will be inspired by your ideas. Biologists, artists, philosophers, historians, sociologists, dancers, poets, economists,… In all, 16 experts from various disciplines will learn from your dreams and thoughts, and supplement them with their personal, varied insights, reflections and sources of knowledge.

Their goal is to discover, to remember and to cherish. But also to question, to learn, to translate, to connect, to reflect and to pass on. During a 'voluntary' three-day quarantine, they will formulate a response to your ideas and questions, in the shape of an open library of conversations, reflections, and knowledge sources.

September 2021: Freedom

In September, you will gather together with the 29 other participants at LABIOMISTA. For seven days, you will get to work with the inputs and reflections of the knowledge makers. You discuss, select and integrate the knowledge and insights that you consider relevant. Together, you will create a new narrative of freedom. The medium of documentation and communication is free to choose. During this period, three knowledge makers will also reside in the knowledge boxes. They are available for conversation and inquiry.

The week will close with a grand public presentation of Chapter Freedom. A new narrative of freedom, a story that will outline how we can coexist tomorrow. It will be the first chapter of our library of the future, a first attempt to define a new set of rules.

October 2021: the Future

In the autumn of 2021, the Unthinkable Experiment (participants, partners and the transdisciplinary team) will come together for a two-day event in Brussels. Together, the community of The Unthinkable Experiment will take the necessary steps for the next edition. During a meaningful event at VUB - Etterbeek campus, you will present your work to your friends and family and to the academic and cultural communities of Brussels. The alumni of the first edition will open the doors and windows for the next group, and in this way help future-proof The Unthinkable Experiment.

LaMouseion © Koen Vanmechelen

The dome that can connect us intergenerational, interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary, art and science is freedom. Is there freedom, where is it restricted, how can we get past this, do we have to get past this, and when do we need to restrain ourselves?

Caroline Pauwels (rector of VUB)

The Transdisciplinary Team

Keep an eye on this page. We will announce new members of the transdisciplinary team over the next few weeks.

In case of questions, don’t hesitate to send an email to

Luistertip - podcast

antipode #4 met Koen Vanmechelen en Karine Van Doninck

Wanneer wordt kunst wetenschap en vice versa? Op welke manier kunnen kunst en wetenschap elkaar versterken? Waar stoten de twee op de grenzen van de ethiek? En hoe spannend is het om DNA-code voor te lezen? Kunstenaar Koen Vanmechelen kruist de degens met evolutiebiologe Karine Van Doninck (ULB) voor een kunstzinnig gesprek over wetenschap.

Antipode is de nieuwe podcastreeks van BRUZZ en de VUB. Twee gasten met een verschillende achtergrond, specialisatie of mening praten over elkaars vakgebied, over zichzelf en de dingen des levens.


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